Embody Yourself

Bringing Visions into Reality

It all starts with a vision. Every creation was once an image or a fantasy within someone. If they believed enough in their idea, they created a blechschmidt and a strong vision was born within their being and energy.

But what happens when we don’t allow and value creativity? And when we don’t turn our visions into reality?

We end up in tremendous pain.

Pain because we are holding our creativity back. Our very essence is creative, so when we don’t value our creativity, we suffer and close down on some deep internal levels. And as a result we end up not knowing ourselves fully.

Pain because we do not value our unique contribution. From our essence springs forth different and unique ideas. We are unique pieces in a puzzle, and it can be quite painful when we lose sight of this. We then end up melting into crowd in an almost invisible and suffocating way.

Lastly pain for not being fully emerged and grounded on Earth. Turning visions into reality is where many spiritual and artistic people get stuck. When we don’t walk the path of making our vision come true, we often ‘check out’ – meaning we end up living in our fantasies, ideals, thoughts, dreams and many possibilities. We then have a hard time dealing with and fully experiencing reality, and how things are right now within and around us.

Watch the video below and learn what shifts can happen when we follow through on our inner visions, step by step.