Embody Yourself

Shedding the Mask

Lately I have been on a journey. A journey where I’ve started to shed one of my strongest and most used masks – the sweet, pleasing and frozen girl.

For me this isn’t a very authentic mask. Yes, I am nice person too, but the issue with this mask is that I would often use it to hide my true desires, feelings, and my deepest wants. I would cover my essence and use the mask to manipulate and neglect my instincts, sexuality, anger, and power.

The more I hid behind this mask, the more I lost myself. I lost connection to the ground under my feet. I lost touch with my truth. I lost touch with my hearts desires and values.
As I worked my way through the most intense pain and expanded my awareness around it, I felt inspired to create a series of photos where I played with this mask. The result was a healing photos shoot. I actively put the mask on and expressed it’s purpose. It’s purpose was to protect my true self, which hid the shame I felt around being me.

It was a very empowering and beautiful experience doing the photoshoot. Throughout the shoot, I am consciously putting on the mask and shedding it, then expressing my essence, all while being captured by the lens.

I felt so deeply and went through many feelings. Such as when I was tuning into and connecting with the mask, when I was going through the process of realising that I was carrying the mask, and then when I was starting to let go of the mask. I felt many things – sadness, insecurities of the mask, stiffness, love, laughter, freedom and silliness. Old memories as well as an image of my future came up as well. As we were about to shoot the last part, I bursted out into laughing and the shoot naturally came to a closure.

Feel and watch my transformation by scrolling through the photo gallery below:




It was extremely healing, powerful and freeing for me to do this shoot. My hope is that by sharing this process, it will inspire you to lovingly look at and shed the masks that don’t serve you.

The first step in the process is always to admit that there is a mask covering something, that you are hiding and therefore protecting some part of yourself. When we feel the need to protect, it’s simply an old fear running our body and mind. The next step is to turn some loving and powerful light on that fear. This work can be done on your own or with a skilled healer. My personal experience is that it usually goes way faster if I have the guts to share with skilled helpers and friends.

May you listen to your body and heart, while lovingly becoming and expressing more of YOU.