Embody Yourself

How do we let go?

Oh my! I can easily recall the times where I couldn’t let go. I would feel pressure and try even harder. I would get scared or angry and resist the sensations so deeply, that I ended up holding onto them even tighter. When something went wrong at work or in my relationships, I would grab onto it and desperately try to fix and smooth it out.

The end result of all this gripping, fixing and holding on was that I was constantly under so much pressure, even when I was ‘relaxing’ I would feel the tension in my body and pressure in my psych. It was painful and my entire system was overloaded.

Can you relate? If so, watch the video below to learn how you can let go of both physical and emotional pressure. Using your breath and movement vocabulary, you can literally go from being tense and blocked, to being at ease and flowing in less than a few minutes.

What’s your experience? How do you most easily let go of something? Share in the comments below, and let’s all learn from each other.