Embody Yourself

Your deeper Truth

Did you watch my latest video on how to let go? If not, please go watch that video before you dive into today’s video on ‘Accessing your deeper Truth’.

OK. Now where you have had a deeper experience of letting go, it’s time to chat about what you discover and gain access to when you let go. Because letting go, really letting go is one of the ultimate keys to accessing your internal resources and truth. Letting go is such a powerful act. It connects us with our internal self, our sensations, feelings and deeper truth. It gets us into ourself.

It is exactly because of the powerful impact letting go has, that most of us have learned to hold on, hold tight, hold up – in our bodies, breath, muscles, relationships and energy. The thing is that only by letting go and diving within, do we allow for our awareness to flow. Only with a flowing whole-being awareness are we able to master and dance with xyz. Be it your finances, body, partner or job.

Try it out and experience the benefits for yourself. Play with letting go and next following the clues you get from your body sensations and feelings. Dare to dive beyond the chattering mind and old beliefs. Dive beyond and into the freedom and wisdom of your internal truth. Your wisdom.

Please share with your friends and family, if you feel they too could benefit from letting go and discovering their internal truth.