Embody Yourself

How do you set boundaries?

This episode of Nomi TV is a bit different. I open up into my sore spots, and share something I recently have gone through.

There are three major keys at play in the transformation I describe:

First, I allowed myself to let go of X. I went on a nice vacation with my husband in Italy, and allowed myself to just BE. This is where the settling took place – this is where I got beyond my beliefs and into my deeper truth about X.

Secondly, I spoke up and cleared it up. I had that sweaty, uncomfortable conversation and allowed myself to speak with both honesty and love. When I was done, I went through the tumult of sensations and emotions that often follow big shifts like this. I did my best to embrace all my feelings. The clarity occurred by itself. When the block is gone, integrity is restored and my body and mind gained a new flow and passion.

Lastly, I acted on my new ideas. Some of them have opened new and very exciting doors. Others, have redirected me into a deeper focus. Deeply feeling ourselves and being present in our living reality is key to being able to integrate the concepts and consciousness that we hold.

Make sure you give yourself space, love and depth to integrate. Only through integration will you expand your flow. The flow you experience in your body and living reality.

Go ahead and ask yourself yourself about your boundaries – the ones you have for yourself and the ones you set for others. Is there something that needs to be expressed or cleared up? An inner Yes or an inner No that you want to strengthen? Sit with it, feel into it, the take the required action. I know you can!

Please share in the comments below. I would love to know how it’s all resonating with you.

Also – don’t forget to share with your friends and family, so they too can benefit from integrating deeply.