Embody Yourself

The Power of Surrender

There is tremendous power in surrendering. First of all, surrender to yourself, your physical body, your emotions and inner guidance. Subsequently, there’s tremendous power in surrendering to the direction of the masculine energy, whether it’s your man, dance partner or the masculine energy within you.

The female energy is ultimately the ‘strongest’. She’s the life-force, the creativity, the beauty, the ever-going movement and pleasure.

The masculine energy is the goal-setter, the direction keeper, the structure and planner.

Wholeness and flow occurs when masculine and feminine energies are working together, just like Yin and Yang. This is true for relationships, couples dancing, and the relationship between masculine and feminine with you.

Latin dancing teaches me a lot. What I share in the video below is one of the bigger lessons. It impacted and changed several aspects of my life, when I got it and started surrendering more deeply to myself and my partner.

Watch the video below, and please let me know in the comments below how you experience the flow between masculine and feminine energy in your life.

  • Do you need deeper surrender? 
  • Do you need better structure and control? 

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