Embody Yourself

Morning Pages

Every day, I write in my journal. I write about three pages. Sometimes what comes out is both bullshit and boring. Most of the time though, it’s brilliant, and the process is healing and empowering. The flow inspires me and I keep writing, filling up a few more pages until I feel complete with my process of feeling, thinking and writing.

When I first started playing with the concept of morning pages, I found it annoying. After a few days, I noticed a shift. Suddenly what came out during my writing sessions was deep wisdom, intelligent insights and surprising to even me. As I kept the practice of Morning Pages going, I’ve gotten to know myself way deeper. I now have access a very powerful, self-revealing and healing voice inside myself. I have learned how to move myself through turbulence simple by writing, feeling and allowing it through.

I invite you to take up this practice and give it a try. Try it on for 5-7 days, and notice what changes happen in your inner and outer landscape. If it lifts you, keep going! I love my practice. It literally keeps me deeply in touch with myself. It keeps me aligned with my power!

Watch the video below and don’t forget to tell me about your experience in the comments. How is it working for you? What do you feel when you allow yourself to write uncensored? 

Now, grab your pencil, tune in and write down whatever comes up. The wisdom lies in you. Always!

Want to know more about the practice of Morning Pages? Go check out the book: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron

Don’t forget to share this video with your friends and family. They too might benefit from accessing the wise voice within themselves.