Embody Yourself


I had my first dance lesson when I was about 5 years old. Polka and Show Dance was the beginning of my dancing career. Later on I took up Disco and Ballet.

Dancing turns on a fire in me. I feel my feet lightening and my heart opening.

I get into my body. I embody myself. I express who I am.

In the beginning of my dancing years, I secretly dreamt about Ballroom Dance. Latin Dance was especially very attractive to me. The sensuality, the elegant body movements, the play and the intimate connection between man and woman. I was in awe of it. Yet I did not believe that I could have it. So I put it in the background. Placed it in my imaginary box with all the dreams I did not feel worthy of.

Moving to New York and taking leadership on myself, inspired me to finally acknowledge my desire for ballroom dancing, and I took up Latin Dance in the beginning of 2015. Now I take lessons weekly, and I so love what dancing does for me.

Dance is a conversation between Body and Essence!

Currently I am looking for a partner, and excited about taking my dancing career to new heights.