Embody Yourself

Embody Session

My Embody Sessions are very unique. I help you tap into your body’s deepest wisdom and update its hardware so you can shed the imbalances that block you from living the life you desire!

  • Do you long for a great sense of freedom and aliveness in your body?
  • Are you feeling stuck and unable to think your way out? You need something to change but don’t quite know how to.
  • Are you interested in discovering new layers of your body and essence?

Together, we will tap into your body, clear the blockages and unfold the messages from your innate wisdom, so you can embody your dreams with ease and pleasure. Yes, that is possible!

Your body wisdom holds the key to your essence and life-force energy. By deeply listening to and honoring the wisdom in your body, you align with YourSelf and your resources get turned on. Life then flows in such a way that you will wake up on a daily basis feeling connected to yourself and with a sweet happiness in your body and mind.

On the other hand, when you overrule our body wisdom, you create problematic situations in your life – be it in the areas of health, wealth, or relationships. Our vitality diminishes and the creative flow stagnates. We simply can’t be truly us when our motor is turned off or running without fuel.

One of my unique abilities is that I can speak with your body and help you understand the messages your body holds. My approach is a combination of simple mechanics and a strong intuition. I work on the actual physical aspect of your body, while also realigning and reprogramming the inner code of your body and mind. These elements combined creates powerful changes and success in your life.

The body fascinates me every day. We hold a Universe within, and when we are willing to listen to that Universe, we create a beautiful alignment and synchronicity between our inner and outer World.

The outer world is a reflection of the programmings and energies we have going on within us. When we understand this and also learn to optimize and transform our inner world, the outer world becomes a very fun playground where we can blossom, play and express ourselves.

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I have done body work for more than nine years, and I am constantly educating and developing my understanding for how the body, mind and spirit are connected.

My sessions consist of physical hands-on work and emotional release techniques. In the beginning of the session, we will chat for a bit so you get to set a clear intention for the session.

Each session is 90 minutes and the investment is $500.

For booking or questions please send an email to: info@nomicorreli.com and I’ll get back to you asap.

I’m looking forward to help you access your intelligent body and manifest your dreams!