Embody Yourself


I have developed my approach to embodiment, when I myself went through years of disconnect from my body and essence. I had an eating disorder when I was quite young and a few years later I broke my spine which led me into a deep crisis both physically, emotionally and spiritually.

From deep within I decided to heal myself. I encountered a longer healing process where I have undergone several different therapeutic educations and personal programs throughout the past 10 years.


One of my core beliefs is that our body wisdom holds the key to our essence and creative flow. By listening to and honoring the wisdom within our bodies, we align with ourselves and our creative resources get turned on. Life then flows in such a way that you wake up on a daily basis feeling both strong and happy.

On the other hand, when we overrule our body wisdom, we create problematic situations in our life – be it in the areas of health, wealth, or relationships. Our vitality diminishes and our flow stagnates.

We simply can’t be truly creative, juicy and impactful when our body motor is turned off or running without fuel.

When we override our body wisdom, we end up creating lives that are not in alignment with our core self. But by accessing our body wisdom and deeply embody ourselves, we get back to who we really are. As we get into the body, we get back to ourselves – our unique preferences and purpose.


After having tried and tested quite a lot, I’ve discovered some powerful techniques that are very transformational for both myself and my customers. These techniques form the very basics of what I do today.

My approach is a combination of clear mechanics and a strong intuition. I’m working on the actual physical body, while also realigning your emotional and spiritual body. These elements combined creates powerful changes and great results in the lives of my clients.

Helping others deeply Embodying themselves, brings me a purposeful joy.