Embody Yourself

E-sensual You!

heart-copyI created Esensual You to give you the opportunity of upgrading your life experience entirely. In short, I compiled some of my favorite aspects and tools; Essence & Sensuality = Feminine Essence.

Your Essence is the part of you that never changes, no matter what the circumstance. It’s your deepest awareness and consciousness.. It’s the part of you that holds your unique abilities (aka your genius). It’s the calm eye of the storm.

Your sensuality is your ability to enjoy life fully, to enjoy the present moment and to attract with a strong magnetic force. Your sensuality is such a powerful key, especially if you are a woman. It’s via your sensuality and sexuality that you embody yourself and your essence – that you claim your full power.

Let me explain:

For years I tried the masculine way to success but because my essence is feminine, I couldn’t get it that way. I would push, think, apply, force and talk about it, over and over again. I was longing and frustrated at the same time.

When I started feeling my invaluableness, breakthroughs could occur. It was through my invaluableness that I had access to my depth of essence, femininity and self-respect. Previously, I had been avoiding feeling my feelings of unlovableness, and that kept me stuck on the surface where I could not get through to my contribution and life, to myself.

I would be thinking about and trying to apply a lot of tools, but I would not be embodying them or letting myself live automatically through them. I would focus on healthy boundaries but not feel them from within. I would focus on my feminine shine, yet not feel it as radiance from within. I would be fighting in my relationships for my rights, my space and my sense of self.

Diving into my own feminine depths led me to valuing, enjoying and genuinely exploring through the many processes, layers and emotions of life. I can now enjoy and explore even the ones I dislike. In other words, I learn from all of my experiences.

So it’s about letting go of the shutters and surrendering into our feminine essence. All of us women can do this, simply by applying whole body learning techniques with powerful healing. I have seen astonishing results over and over again and know that you too can get there.

In fact, I will say that if I could do it, so can you. I for one have had a shield as thick as the Berlin Wall. I was sexually abused as a child and had developed a very strong defense against the World, the masculine and myself as a result. I felt at the affect of almost everything and everybody, and as a result constately showing up as a victim. I had closed off from my internal power source.

I’m excited about showing you how to carry and operate yourself in a way that values your body, hormones and intelligence.

All you have to do is to soften, open your shutters a bit and ask your heart if now is the time for you to embrace the Esensual You (your Essence and your Sensuality aka Your Feminine Essence).

I will teach you how to honor your female essence and your female body. This will enable you to flow and grow through your life with your natural abilities for attraction, enjoyment and love, instead of fighting against, pushing, working hard and ‘holding up’.

As a woman, your power lies in surrendering into yourself, your pelvis and your softer values (such as your love, emotions, creativity, nurturing of self and others, your radiant shine).

I don’t want to teach you a masculine sensuality, which can be a way of covering over the lack of feminine allowance within. I want to teach you how to let go into and open up for your deepest values of femininity.

We are using whole body learning techniques, as that’s the most effective way to lasting change and breakthroughs! – When working with whole body techniques and practices, you will not only understand something, you will be able to integrate and apply it, so you don’t have to walk around focusing on it. Your body will catch it.

Another great benefit of whole body techniques and exercises are that they bring forth your personal patterns, so you will discover the points where you get stuck. You will learn how to move through them with a sense of playfulness and nurturing for Self.

It is pretty magical. We are talking about a profound transformation as your Feminine Essence unfolds.

What you will experience is lasting change, as we dive beneath the surface and drama, and go straight to the roots. I want you to surrender into your Essence, your deepest wisdom and strongest talents. I’ll help you answer your deeper callings.

There are more important and fun stuff for you to do here than being stuck in fear, fights and drama. We will rekindle your innate excitement and grow your ability to flow in your life and relationships. I’ll help you embody your Feminine Essence!


What you get:

  • A strong handhold from me personally through the next 3 months.
  • We will be meeting 4 times a month via Skype or in-person in New York (whatever you prefer). A total of 12 sessions. 
  • You will have access to me via email 24/7. That’s sets you up for strong support and success!
  • The program begins as soon as you sign up.


What we’ll cover during the program:

Your Feminine Body – how she works and how to flow with (aka operate) her.

Essence – how to activate and cultivate your Essence Presence + discover your unique talents.

Creativity – Creativity is what you where created through and what you are here for. We will open your inner fountain of creativity, and spark forth your contribution. Creativity is so life-giving and rewarding. 

Sensuality & Sexuality – how to awaken your senses and ignite your magnetic sensuality.

Relationships – how to connect through your heart and body, and show up as the feminine powerhouse that you are. 

Career – how to generate a satisfying flow in your career utilizing your special talents.


Investment: $2,000. Payment by installments are available.

Email me at info@nomicorreli.com to sign up or learn  more about your payment options.