Embody Yourself


To me photoshoots are art. I enjoy the passion and creativity that goes into the preparation. The process during the shoot itself can be transformational, tremendous and very healing.

Expressing ourselves creatively seems to have the deepest impact, I’ve ever come across. Inner healing work is an important tool, yet a deep clarity and power seems to rise from within whenever someone chooses to step forward and express their creativity in the physical realm. The rubber meets the road, and all the knowledge one holds within, starts blossoming life a gushing flower. They become embodied human beings. They embody themselves.

Looking through all the photos from a shoot can be quite confronting, revealing and self-loving.

Choosing which photos to use is often a journey on its own. It requires for you to see yourself clearly, and bring everything into perspective of your creative vision, and trust you inner judgement.

I have always been very passionate about expression through my body. Speaking with my body seems to be my first language. Photoshoots provide me with an outlet to express my deep creativity, my viewpoints, my passions and myself.

Every photoshoot has taught me something deeply valuable. It has brought me closer to self. It has shown me the importance of Embodying myself! It has left me stronger, and as a result more grounded in the World and my manifestations.

Furthermore, creating stunning photos brings me a deep joy. It ignites my inner fire, as my purpose is very much about inspiring and empowering from the spotlight.

I consider every photoshoot to be an artistic expression of a living, breathing medium. It gives us the opportunity to show who we are, and who we are becoming. A great photoshoot can literally bring you closer to who you are. As you play with embodying deep aspects of yourself, your divinity springs forth!


It is
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