Embody Yourself


June 23 2015

I had a fabulous photoshoot with Elona Sjögren in Copenhagen. But before the actual photoshoot happened, I encountered some obstacles I had to work through. Initially, I wanted to do the photoshoot in NYC but couldn’t find a photographer quite as brilliant and wild as Elona. Therefore I decided to book Elona for a shoot on my next trip to Copenhagen.

About a month before the photoshoot took place, I got an idea about expressing myself through dancing during the shoot. So I went out and found the right dress for this purpose. It was supposed to arrive a few days before my flight to Copenhagen – but to my disappointment, it never showed up. I also had a facial a few days before my departure. Unfortunately it turned out to be way too rough for my skin and I ended up with several scars and red spots on my face.

At this moment, I knew I had some intense resistance to either work through or give up on. And yes, I thought about quitting and canceling everything – the dress, the makeup artist, the photoshoot – everything we had prepared. So I breathed through the sadness. I hugged myself with my thoughts and feelings, and I asked for help from my loved ones. After that, I knew what to do.

I called the company who owned the dress and asked them to send the dress to Denmark instead of New York, and I asked the photographer if we could reschedule the shoot to a few days later so the dress had a chance to arrive. I made sure that all communication was clear, which helped me step up and really own my desire to makes this shoot come true. Next, I decided to let go and practice trust. For me, that lifting my energy so that I would not worrying and try to control, but rather letting go, taking care of my needs and thereby becoming a match to the arrival of the dress and a fabulous photoshoot.

I’m sharing this with you because actualizing our desires can bring about tremendous resistance and obstacles. It takes courage and sometimes a little patience and healing work to get to the place where we can easily flow with and become a match to the new desire.

There are times where our dreams can feel so silly, that it is almost impossible to even believe we can make it a reality. Yet all of our desires are truly valuable and worth listening to. They always bring an important message with, and by realizing our desires, we take big steps in life and into our Divinity. This photoshoot ended up becoming one of the best shoots I have ever had! There are so many unique photos, and I hope to inspire you towards realizing your desires as you browse through the gallery below.

Photographed by Elona Sjögren in Copenhagen.



  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Latin Dancer. Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Latin Dance. Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Playfulness. Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Elegance in Latin Dance. Nomi Correli photograhed by Raya
  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren
  • Nomi Correli photographed by Elona Sjøgren