Embody Yourself

Open your Body & Remove Creative Filters

This kick-ass journey is for you who want to experience a new reality. A reality where you are the boss – you get to choose when to put the pedal to the metal and go full speed ahead with expression and spotlight, and when to hit the breaks and recover, gather inspiration and integrate.

Through the 21-day Journey you will open your body and access its deepest wisdom. When you are open and aware of your body, we’ll remove your creative filters. I’ll guide you to try on new perspectives that will guarantee to expand your creative abilities and the results you generate.  

Investment $179
Bonus: 30-minute Clarity Session

Access your Body Wisdom

A Body-centered practice: By taking these techniques and exercises to heart, you’ll achieve a direct connection to your essence.

You will also gain the ability to use your body wisdom in making decisions, uncovering deep learnings, experiencing joy and strengthening your overall well-being and energy level.

Investment $20

Step into Mastery

This process is designed to help you go from Victimhood to Mastership.

We all experience feeling low, fatigued, overwhelmed and powerless. Maybe even sick. We feel that we are at the effect of some outer circumstances, or at the mercy of someone else’s agenda, and we simply can’t seem to find our inner power and passionate drive.

Investment $20

Creativity Opener

No matter your profession and personality type, we are all creative. By going through the steps outlined in this practice, you will be able to discover your unique type of creativity.

You will also learn to sustain a creative flow, and as a result get to have more fun and feel more and more alive every day.

Investment $20