Embody Yourself


Access your Body Wisdom

I’m thrilled to share my personal body-centered process with you.

It’s called, Access your Body Wisdom. By taking these techniques and exercises to heart, you’ll open up your body and achieve a direct connection to your essence. Your essence is the core of your being that’s ever-centered and calm.

You will also gain the ability to use your body wisdom in making decisions, uncovering deep learnings, experiencing joy and strengthening your overall well-being and energy level.

One of the mistakes I made when I first got interested in the power of my body, was that I wanted to understand what my body did and think about why it behaved as it did. However, my breakthrough didn’t happen until I changed gears, and started being with my body – aware of the sensations I experienced. As I retrained myself to befriend and sense my body, a range of new possibilities, resources, deep emotions and impulses occurred. I had found a physical home within myself.

This process is created to help you go from rationalizing and understanding, to a deep and real experience of yourself!

The mind can support what we are experiencing in our body, but if the mind rules or overrules the sensations and feelings we have in our body, we get stuck.

The body-centered practice comes as an mp3-file and is approximately 20 minutes long.

Your investment is only $20

I invite you to listen, play along and be physical in the ways you use the practice.

Go ahead, and Access that Wisdom of yours – you will get a bigger field to play on as you harness more of your resources!

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