Embody Yourself


Creativity Opener

With this movement-based process, you’ll open your creative reservoirs. No matter your profession and personality type, we are all creative beings. By going through the steps outlined in this process, you will be able to discover your unique type of creativity.

You will also learn to sustain a creative flow, and as a result get to have more fun and feel more and more alive every day.

Creativity is what builds the bridge between our inner and outer worlds – between our imagination and reality. By opening your creative reservoirs and exercising your creativity, you become a powerful master of turning your dreams into reality.

Through this movement-based process you will learn how to consciously expand or contract in your creative expression. As you decide to bring forth your creativity viewpoint, you will be rewarded in return with a stream of energy (acknowledgement, cashflow, vitality & fun).

Even though I’m naturally a very artistic person, expressing my creativity hasn’t always been easy for me. In fact, I’ve made quite some blunders as I tried to imitate others, rationalize my way around my creativity, blank out and pretend I was stupid….. and so on. When I learned to be with my inner experiences and truths, this pattern of mine changed and I started unfolding my creativity. I could feel my essence and express my messages.

This process is designed to help you be with your unique experiences and discover your innate creativity, so you can expand into flow both creatively and otherwise. The process contains the tools I have used to transform my own creative blocks.

I invite you to listen, breathe, move along and of course be creative in the ways you use the process and it’s tools. Integrating the knowledge is key.

The movement-based practice comes as an mp3-file and is approximately 20 minutes long.

Investment is only $20

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