Embody Yourself

Step into Mastery

This process is designed to help you go from Victimhood to Mastership.

We all experience feeling low, fatigued, overwhelmed and powerless. Maybe even sick. We feel that we are at the effect of some outer circumstances, or at the mercy of someone else’s agenda, and we simply can’t seem to find our inner power and passionate drive. I have felt like that for years. In fact, I have lived most of my life in this state of fatigue, overwhelm and resentment. Resentful with the people and things I felt blocked by. 

I knew that being 100% responsibility was the only key to the freedom, power and joy I wanted to experience. However, I couldn’t seem to get there consistently. I started wondering, studying and relying on my body wisdom. Only then did I realize that the unwinding had to happen through usage of my entire body.

The mind can support what we are experiencing in our body, but if the mind rules or overrules the sensations and feelings we have in our body, we get stuck.

Whenever we find ourselves in some state of victimhood, we have left our wholeness. We aren’t fully present anymore. We are stuck in old programmings and hiding behind old personas. And no matter how hard we try, we usually don’t make any real progress. Instead we stir the pot and keep both inner and outer conflicts going. It can be super frustrating and painful.

What’s needed is a shift in energy and awareness. A shift from personas and separation into Wholeness with oneself. In order to move into wholeness, deep feelings and sensations must be welcomed. In other words, what’s hidden underneath the conflict must be felt. 

With this process, you will be able to transform every aspect of your life. Step by step, you will move into your unique Mastery. Simply follow the steps outlined in this process, and you will very quickly learn how to go from feeling like a victim to stepping into your Mastery. You will become present and able to leave conflict and drama behind. 

I invite you to participate, play and be creative in the ways you use the process and it’s transformative power. Full participation leads to breakthroughs and a thrilling clarity.

This body-centered practice comes as an mp3-file and is approximately 19 minutes long.

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