Embody Yourself

Open your Body & remove Creative filters

– and you’ll become a Master in your life and of your Art!

nomi_shop2Do you want to access your body wisdom, and learn how to reliably use that wisdom for decision making, creative solutions, growth and overall well-being?

Do you feel stuck at your current level, and would you like to break the glass ceiling and achieve a whole new level of creative expression and satisfaction?

Are you willing to experience a vibrant flow in your body and creativity on a daily basis? 

Do you want to become the Master in your life and of your chosen field of creativity?

This kick-ass journey is for you who want to experience a new reality. A reality where you are the boss – you get to choose when to put the pedal to the metal and go full speed ahead with expression and spotlight, and when to hit the breaks and recover, gather inspiration and integrate.

Through this 21-day Journey you will open your body and access its deepest wisdom. When you are open and aware of your body, we’ll remove your creative filters. I’ll guide you to try on new perspectives that will guarantee to expand your creative abilities and success. 

Without a flowing creativity, we get stuck in routines, patterns and roles that don’t give us what we want. We feel dull or bored with our life and maybe even with ourselves. When we aren’t sourcing our creativity through our body and mind, we aren’t able to manifest our dreams.

Without a solid home in our body, we are flaking around. We never touch the ground and nor do we experience the deep calm and peace that comes from being grounded. It is through grounding that we access our personal power (the kind of power you only can feel from within), and power is what we need to move forward and manifest our dreams and desires. Without a solid home in our physical body, we tend to get lost in other people’s movies and agendas. We lose ourselves and our abilities to feel and express our viewpoints. It can be quite painful. I talk from personal experience, as I have been an ungrounded person for quite a few years. Thanks to powerful bodywork, I regained my legs, power and personal love. If you have lost yours, know that you can get it back.

By jumping onto this journey, you will: 

  • Develop a greater sense of body awareness. You energy level will stabilize, and you will learn to harness the fruits of your body wisdom. 
  • Access your most powerful resources: Your Body Wisdom and your Creativity!
  • Open your inner fountain. The fountain is where you find your essence, and it’s from your fountain that you express yourself – your deepest truths and talents. It’s magical to be in-tune with yourself and express yourself from this powerful space. 
  • Achieve harmony with your Creative Tuning Fork, and learn how to use it to your advantage, growth and joy.
  • Befriend yourself on a very deep level! Love for Self and others expand from here.
  • Discover your personal learning style – which also is your most powerful style for expressing yourself!
  • Turn your fears into flow and excitement in a quick and reliable way.
  • Discover your Creative Essence and your unique talents. As you start leading with your essence and strongest talents, your life will turn upside down in a positive way, and you will receive a nice stream of energy (applause, money, spotlight and so forth).
  • Become a master; In your life and of your art!

Sign up below and you will be in for a sweet ride that takes place in your body while deeply connecting you with the World around you!

I can’t wait to work with you. Your body, mind and heart will expand in new and pleasurable ways as you actualize your dreams and desires. 

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Throughout the 21-days, you will receive a daily email from me with an audio file or a video. You will also receive the 62-page workbook with reflective and practical exercises for each day to ensure that you integrate the knowledge and harvest the fruits of your work.

Knowledge without your personal experiences, feeling and thoughts aren’t transformational. Knowledge without practical changes, does not lead to anything successful either. We must link everything to YOU in order for the knowledge to work it’s magic. The workbook is filled with experimental exercises, which helps you integrate and link it all while having a fun time!

Your investment in your Body opening and Creativity expanding journey is only $179

+ Bonus gift: 30-minute Clarity Session during which, we will look at your personal dreams and challenges. I’ll help you bring it all into play within your body so that you can experience flow and clarity.

This program contains years of my studies, trial and errors, travels, books, coaching, sweat and many transformational breakthroughs. I want to give everybody the possibility of accessing their body wisdom and enjoy their creativity, that is why I have decided to pack a chunk of my wisdom and deliver it in an easy accessible way and at a very low price point.

The 21-day Journey takes place online, so you can download the files, listen in and complete the exercises on your own terms and timeframe, wherever you are in the World. That’s one of the luxuries of the online media.

Blessings to your body and all of your creativity! Honor it.

With Love,

Nomi Correli

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What participants say

“Creativity has gotten a way deeper and broader meaning for me. I have experienced new ways of connecting with myself and my unique creativity. 

The combination of audio files, videos and in-depth worksheets have helped me gain deep insights in a self-nourishing way. Nomi’s approach to creativity and the body is clear, natural and loving. 

I have gained several essential realizations regarding my basic needs, my movement patterns, learning style, fears and emotions. Nomi Correli’s approach is quite different yet light in its energy, which made it easier for me to surrender to the process and dive really deep into the material. The journey has opened me for different and interesting nuances of my emotional life, my sensuality, creativity and my business. The next steps in my personal development and in my business, are now very clear for me. 

And I love the sentence; How we do one thing, is how we do everything.  It has literally opened my eyes. This journey is high value for the money. I highly recommend it!” 

-Mariah Malucka Toft